MHB - Sterilizer 500g

MHB - Sterilizer 500g Image

MHB Sterilizer 500g

Contains – Sodium Metabisulphate

MHB - Sterilizer 500g

MHB - Sterilizer 500g Image

MHB Sterilizer 500g

Contains – Sodium Metabisulphate


Brewcellar starter kits contain – 30 Litre Fermenter, Tap, Sediment Reducer, Airlock, Grommet, 1kg Dextrose, 1  Sanitise, 1 Bottle Wash, Hydrometer in test tube, Digital Thermometer, Brew Bottler, Long Handle Spoon, Hand Capper, Funnel, Carbonation drops, Bottle Brush , 1 Can of Concentrate to make 30 x 750ml bottles and 30 Plastic Bottles.


We stock 15 litre, 27.5 litre, 30 litre and 60 litre screw top  Fermenters.  25 litre pail Fermenters are also available.

15 L                 $22.50

25 L  Pail        $38.00

27.5 L              $33.50

30 L                 $35.50

60 L                 $66.50

* These prices include Tap, Airlock and Grommet.



Hop Sock                  $4.00

Large Grain Bag      $8.50



We carry wine corks in packs of 30 or 100 or if you only need only a few you can buy what you require.  We also carry a range of different size corks and champagne stoppers.

Corking wine bottles is easy and cheap.  We stock the Purple Mini Corker2 Handed Lever Action Corker and a Mini Floor Corker (not shown).


2 Handed Corker               $37.50



We stock 5 L glass Demijohns.  We will order in 10 L, 25 L ,34 Land 54 L glass Demijohns in protective baskets, 25 L, 34 L and 54 L Demijohns in baskets with taps as required.  15 L and 20 L wide neck Demijohns are also available.  Solid and bored rubber bungs are available for all demijohns.

We are unable to post demijohns due to breakages.



Caps are available in  –




Green – and are packaged in bags of 100, 250 and 500.

We have 2 sizes in our  Bottle Trees and hold 63 bottles.   $38.50

81 Bottles $42.00

Bottle rinser – fits securely on top of the Bottle Tree.  $30.00 (63)

$33.00 (81)


Superautomatica Bench Capper  $47.50



Thermometers are available as

-Stick on Digital

– Plastic backed

-Digital with probe

-Long glass for special purpose.


Hydrometers are available for testing beer, wine and spirits.  $11.00

Alcoholmeters are used to test the alcohol strength of spirits.  $13.50

Test Tubes:

-Plastic Test Tubes

-250ml graduated glass test tubes.


Our other accessories include

Bottle Brushes

Sugar Measures

Heater Pads & Heater Belts

750 ml P.E.T. Beer Bottles

– 500 ml, 750ml and 1125 ml P.E.T. Spirit Bottles

– Head Master Scooner Glasses

– Long handle spoons and paddles,

– Fermenter Lids

– Fermenter O Rings

as well as Spare Parts for Keg Sets.

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