Sodium Percarbonate 1kg

Sodium Percarbonate 1kg Image

No Rinse Sterilizer 1kg

Contains Sodium Percarbonate

Sodium Percarbonate 1kg

Sodium Percarbonate 1kg Image

No Rinse Sterilizer 1kg

Contains Sodium Percarbonate


Brewcellar starter kits contain – 30 Litre Fermenter, Tap, Sediment Reducer, Airlock, Grommet, 1kg Dextrose, 1  Sanitise, 1 Bottle Wash, Hydrometer in test tube, Digital Thermometer, Brew Bottler, Long Handle Spoon, Hand Capper, Funnel, Carbonation drops, Bottle Brush , 1 Can of Concentrate to make 30 x 750ml bottles and 30 Plastic Bottles.


We stock 15 litre, 27.5 litre, 30 litre and 60 litre screw top  Fermenters.  25 litre pail Fermenters are also available.

15 L                 $22.50

25 L  Pail        $38.00

27.5 L              $33.50

30 L                 $35.50

60 L                 $66.50

* These prices include Tap, Airlock and Grommet.



Hop Sock                  $4.00

Large Grain Bag      $8.50



We carry wine corks in packs of 30 or 100 or if you only need only a few you can buy what you require.  We also carry a range of different size corks and champagne stoppers.

Corking wine bottles is easy and cheap.  We stock the Purple Mini Corker2 Handed Lever Action Corker and a Mini Floor Corker (not shown).


2 Handed Corker               $37.50



We stock 5 L glass Demijohns.  We will order in 10 L, 25 L ,34 Land 54 L glass Demijohns in protective baskets, 25 L, 34 L and 54 L Demijohns in baskets with taps as required.  15 L and 20 L wide neck Demijohns are also available.  Solid and bored rubber bungs are available for all demijohns.

We are unable to post demijohns due to breakages.



Caps are available in  –




Green – and are packaged in bags of 100, 250 and 500.

We have 2 sizes in our  Bottle Trees and hold 63 bottles.   $38.50

81 Bottles $42.00

Bottle rinser – fits securely on top of the Bottle Tree.  $30.00 (63)

$33.00 (81)


Superautomatica Bench Capper  $47.50



Thermometers are available as

-Stick on Digital

– Plastic backed

-Digital with probe

-Long glass for special purpose.


Hydrometers are available for testing beer, wine and spirits.  $11.00

Alcoholmeters are used to test the alcohol strength of spirits.  $13.50

Test Tubes:

-Plastic Test Tubes

-250ml graduated glass test tubes.


Our other accessories include

Bottle Brushes

Sugar Measures

Heater Pads & Heater Belts

750 ml P.E.T. Beer Bottles

– 500 ml, 750ml and 1125 ml P.E.T. Spirit Bottles

– Head Master Scooner Glasses

– Long handle spoons and paddles,

– Fermenter Lids

– Fermenter O Rings

as well as Spare Parts for Keg Sets.

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