Here are some simple and easy ways to improve your beer

Making a good beer means using the best ingredients available. Along with your choice of a quality beer kit your choice of yeast is also important.

The fermentation process is dependant on yeast characteristics and performance. Healthy fermentations and bright beers with good flavours are the

key benefits you get when using DCL dried brewing yeasts.


Fermentis Yeast  –  (for more information)


Safale S-04                15 – 25°        $5.50

Safale US-05              15 – 25°        $5.50

Saflager S-23             12 – 15°        $7.50

Saflager 34 – 70         12 – 15°        $9.50

Safbrew S – 189         15 – 25°        $8.00


Mangrove Jacks  –  (for more information)

M21  Belgian Wit Yeast                        18 – 25°       Suitable for Witbeir, Grand Cru Spiced Ales and other specialty beers                                $5.50

M44  US West Coast Yeast                 18 – 23°       Suitable for American style ales, double IPA and American style Stouts                               $5.50

M54  Californian Lager Yeast              18 – 20°       Suitable for Californian Common and any Lager fermented at ambient (Ale) temperatures  $5.50

M84  Bohemian Lager Yeast               10 – 15°       Suitable for European Pilsners, all Lagers styles ,German Bocks and more                         $5.50

M41  Belgian Ale Yeast                        18 – 28°       Suitable for Belgian strong Golden and Dark Ale styles                                                         $5.50


$3.00 kg Use dextrose not sugar. Sugar leaves a cidery or wine taste in your beer and this takes away the flavour you are trying to create. Dextrose will give you a pure, clean beer taste.


We have put together a number of blends to help you to personalise your brewing.


# 10 Gemdex Booster 250g maltodextrin and 750g dextrose  $4.50   For better head retention, smoother texture and more body in all beers. A blend of dextrose and powdered corn syrup.

# 15 Brewblend 250g maltodextrin, 250g malt and 500g dextrose  $6.50  A lightly malted blend to add flavour and body and improve head retention with out changing the basic character of the beer. A blend of dextrose, powdered corn syrup and light malt.    # 15 dark malt blend – $7.00

# 20 Brewblend Malt Plus Booster – 250g maltodextrin, 500g malt and 250g dextrose  $7.50  A richer malt blend to make richer fuller flavoured beers. It gives your beer a creamy finish. A blend of dextrose, powdered corn syrup and light malt.

# 25 Stout Booster 1.5kg – A blend of dark malt, maltodextrin, dextrose and hops specially designed to add lots of flavour and body to your stout.  $12.00

# 30 Milk Stout Booster 1.5kg – For rich, creamy, sweet stouts. A blend of dextrose, maltodextrin, dark malt and lactose.  $12.00


We also stock Light and Dark Malt in both liquid and powdered form.

1kg Dark Liquid Malt                $9.00

500gm Dark Liquid Malt          $5.00

1kg Light Liquid Malt                $9.00


500gm Light Liquid Malt          $5.00

1kg Light Powdered Malt        $9.00

500gm Light Powdered Malt  $6.00

1kg Dark Powdered Malt        $11.00



To help you add your own individual flavour to your beers we stock a full range of Mangrove Jacks or Morgan 15g Finishing Hops.   Whether you want extra bitterness or a light subtle flavour, there is a Finishing Hop to suit your taste.  When available,

A selection of what we stock is below.

We stock a comprehensive range of hops. Just contact us to see what we

have currently in stock


Amarillo                             $4.00

Cascade                           $4.00

Chinook                            $4.00

Cluster                               $4.00

Fuggles                             $4.00

Galaxy                               $4.00

Goldings                           $4.00

Hallertau                           $4.00

Hersbrucker                     $4.00

Nelson Sauvin                 $4.00

Pride of Ringwood          $4.00

Saaz                                 $4.00

Super Alpha                     $4.00

Tettnang                           $4.00

Williamette                       $4.00

We also stock 50gm bags of Mangrove Jacks pellets when available as they are seasonal.

A selection of what we stock is below.

We stock a comprehensive range of hops. Just contact us to see what we

have currently in stock

Amarillo                                              $7.50

Cascade                                               $6.00

Chinook                                              $8.00

Cluster                                                $6.50

Fuggles                                               $7.00

Galaxy                                                $8.00

Citra                                                    $8.00

Goldings                                            $6.50

Hallertau                                            $6.50

Hersbrucker                                      $6.50

Northern Brewer                               $6.50

Saaz                                                  $6.50

Dr Rudi                                           $6.00

Tettnang                                            $6.50

Williamette                                        $6.50

Nelson                                                 $8.50n


We now stock 90gm bags of hop pellets when available as they are seasonal.

A selection of what we stock is below.

We stock a comprehensive range of hops. Just contact us to see what we

have currently in stock.


Amarillo                                            $11.50        8.4%

Perle                                                   $9.00         6.2%

US Cascade                                      $9.00        7.6%

Northern Brewer                            $11.00       7.5%

Centennial                                        $9.50        8.3%

Chinook                                            $9.50        11.8%

Citra                                                  $11.00        12.75%

UK Fuggles                                      $10.00        5.2%

AU Galaxy                                        $11.00        13.6%

EK Goldings                                    $9.00       5.00%

Hallertau                                          $9.00        4.00%

Pride of Ringwood                         $9.00      9.1%

Styrian Goldings                             $9.00      3.0%

Saaz                                                  $9.00        3.7%

Tettnang                                          $8.50        1.7%

Magnum                                          $8.50        15.5%

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