WINE EXPERT are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products in the home wine making market today. State of the art processing techniques and quality control ensures you the highest quality product available.

VINTNERS RESERVE kits produce wines of great character, with superlative colour, flavour and aroma. Though ready to consume after 28 days, aging uncovers this products full potential.




Pinot Gris


 Sauvignon Blanc


RED – $90.00

Cabernet Sauvignon


Pinot Noir



World Vinyard Series kits are seasonal and not available all year.  Please check for availability before ordering.

WHITE 10 Litre 

* We can order these kits in for you.. subject to availability. Prices available on request.

Australian Chardonnay

French Sauvignon Blanc

Italian Pinot Grigio

RED 10 Litre 

Australian Shiraz

California Pinot Noir

California Trinity Red

Chilean Merlot

Italian Sangiovese


SELECTION: six to eight week wine kits produce a high quality wine possessing superior flavour, colour and aroma.  You can expect unsurpassed, consistent high quality results from this product.  This range is available on request and will be ordered subject to availability.


Sauvignon Blanc


Cabernet Sauvignon


YEAST –  $4.00        For further details of the yeasts below go to:

CL23  –  Ideal for crisp, fresh dry white/blush and all sparkling wines.  Also the best strain for high alcohol tolerance.

CY17  –  Perfect for sweet white/blush and dessert wines from grape and particularly from country fruits and flowers.

BV17  –  Ideal for full bodied, full flavoured dry and sweet white wines.

MA33  –  Acid reducing strain excellent for fruity white & blush country wines especially where residual sugars are desired.

AW4  –  The ‘only strain’ for Germanic aromatic white wines.

VR21  –  Exceptional strain for full fruit varietal and country red wines promoting good structure, balance and colour.

R56  –  Ideally suited for rich, full bodied red wines with exceptional flavour complexity.

CR51  –  Perfect for light, fruity red wines for early consumption.

SN9  –  Very good all round strain, best choice for high alcohol and fortified wines but also excellent for most country wines, sweet sparkling wines and ciders.

We also stock a full range of accessories and ingredients for the home wine maker who would like to use fresh produce to make individual wines.


Bentonite – currently out of stock. Check back soon.

Wine Nutrients


Campden tablets



Tannic acid

Malic acid

Citric acid

Tartaric acid

Oak chips

Tannin    – currently out of stock…. check back soon.

Magnesium Sulphate – currently out of stock… check back soon.

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